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iOS 7 is among enthusiastic news delivered by Apple recently and customer has started expecting the new change in the world Apple’s smartphones. The rumors say that Ios 7 is going to be completely overhauled this time with its new look and feel. Enthusiast can suspect it to be featured with the flat icons and thinner typefaces. Sources say that anybody who has experienced previously then they will certainly feel home with the newly launched product. However, Apple has not changed its home screen largely yet customers can witness some new inbuilts.

In this article we are going discuss the probable and exclusive features that device is expected to carry:


Ios7 is replaced with cleaner and simpler designs. These reminiscences are influenced with the Microsoft new version of windows but Apple has put it in its own style. The permeating interface along with the various options of panels assimilating colours behind them, designing choices deriving from the contents and the time control.


It is built with the control system that will make you easily access the features and maintain the settings of applications you regularly use.

Control Centre/Notification Centre:

Control centre is easy in many ways. First of all it avoids diving deeper in the settings, and allows you to manage applications of your phone just somewhere at the bottom of the screen. You can access anything, right from managing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do not Disturb, Orientation, Lock, Brightness, to Airplane mode. Users will also be able to manage the playback controls, and open frequently apps such as camera apps, calculator and clock.

Changes in the Notification Centre:

Notification centre is renewed with the new translucent look. It is slightly out of the box as apart from notifications. It also gives you the options what is new today and what has been missed out. So, all together it is fantastic.


The multitasking interface changes in Ios7. Users can expect to get the complete multitasking. The turned-on applications will keep running in the background and you can switch it to anytime and check the updates.

Battery Life:

A big question that if the phone is multitasking then about the battery? Yes amazingly battery will not suffer much as the phone is expected to collect updates from the switched on applications but will keep the complete check on the power efficiency as well as on the current network.


Users will find some major improvements with the camera inbuilt in the phone. Customers can see the four different modes: standard camera, square camera, video camera and also panorama which you swipe and use. Square camera can be used for taking shots for instagram. The app also encapsulates some exciting examples of the multiple live photo filters, and is completely non-destructive.

Moments and Collections:

It is a wonderful application for those who have a huge stock for the photographs and want to organise it in a better way. It will allow you to create sections as “Moments” on the phone and thus you will be able to draw collections on your mobile phone.

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