Top 10 Free Video Editing Software

Popular camcorders and online video sharing facilities have created a new era of generating personalized video. Home video or videos for professional use can be easily edited by using software. Listed below are the top 10 free video editing software available.

Windows Movie Maker:

Windows Movie Maker is a Windows supported Video Editing Software available for free. Movie making has become simpler by this software as users can create personalized video by combining audio, video and images simply by drag and drop action. It offers features like video effects, Auto Movie, adding titles, audio track, video transitions and timeline narration. It only supports limited video formats like MPG, MPEG, AVI, WMV and ASF.

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Appleā€™s iMovie is one of the popular video editing tools. Supported by MAC OS, iMovie is loaded with iLife, a basic software suite that comes with MAC. The software offers importing and editing videos from external devices like camcorders, smartphones etc. The software interface is easy to use. To edit audio, video and images, simply drag the item and place them in the timeline fashion. The created video can be viewed in real time. You can add themes, music and text to your home video.


For all round easy and impressive video editing, Avidemux is the best choice. The software supports instant video trimming, encoding, filtering and other standard features. It has open source platform with compatibility with Windows, Linux and MAC OS. Over than video editing, Avidemux offers users to alter extensions and choose solo output video formats. It uses up little space as compared to other software. The software has dull user interface and is prone to crash.


For Windows OS, VirtualDub is a video software available for free. It offers superb features like video splitting, adding audio track, video compression etc. It can simultaneously deal with multiple number files. 5. Lightworks: Lightworks offers great video editing tool for free. It includes features like color correction on professional level, real time effects accelerated by GPU, capturing video, support for nearly all formats, along with seamless trimming and intertwining of video and audio.


Blender supports all chief operating systems and is a free of cost open source video editor. It includes many advanced features like modeling tool, vivid animation tools, etc. It is best suited for Windows and MAC OS.


Zwei-Stein is a superb video editor featuring numerous video effects. 256 image clips, video and audio can be edited by the software. The software interface is a little technical and most users find it difficult to use.


Useful for both personal and professional use, Wax result oriented and adaptable video editing software. It can be used as an individual application or can be plugged in to further video editors. It has limited video editing functions.

ZS4 Video Editor:

ZS4 Video Editor is another video editing tool available for free. Using the software, you can combine image clips, video and audio and form one or more files.


Movica is a free video editor for Windows. Video editing becomes easier as it provides shortcuts for video settings. Use any of the above mentioned free video editing software and create and share your personalized video with friends.

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