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Gaming is incredible experience and with the advent of the technology of computer and smartphones, it is getting one of the most desirable leisure for people across world. There are plenty of leading firms that have introduced interesting games to its customers. Amazingly, multiplayer games supplemented with HD display and bless with better and faster computer skills.

City of Heroes Freedom:

This game is typically designed with the theme of superheroes and villains. The game was introduced in the year 2004 and since then it is gaining a high popularity. Moreover, players are provided with options of choosing their favorite heroes and villains and make wear what they wish to. Players may have 8 different basic classes whereas on subscribing this game you can enjoy the double bonanza of 16 classes.

Lord of the Rings Online:

If you like reading novel as well playing games, Lord of the rings online would be a real treat for you. This game will take you to the virtual world of J.R.R. Tolkein. The game is designed in nine classes which include hunter, burglar and lore-master. It is featured games that enable you the opportunity of having your personal middle earth house. However, for the paid customers you can play with monsters and get the other playing partner.

World of Warcraft:

This game is among most loved games online of war crafts. The game is 7 years old now, but still developers are some significant improvements. The game is further improved with the major streamlined and interesting features, so that players do not get bored with playing this game. Players are larger space to play here, and they play this game up to next 20 level. In case, you are subscribed players you have a permission to play upto 85th level with many extra adventures.

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Guild Wars:

Guild wars are for players who do not want to invest in playing games, and thus, it comes at a free of cost. It allows players to enjoy all level of games with enjoyable characters such as monk, ranger and necromancer. It gives players opportunity to create a new character which with love to play with in this fictional world. Money does not matter with this game and you can unlimited levels. So, enjoy playing with partner in the weekends or whenever you wish to play.

DC Universe Online:

If you are in love with superheroes, playing DC universe online would be an incredible experience for you. The game is extremely easy to play and the best part is that players can understand the rules by reading instructions beforehand. Moreover, players can enjoy the magical powers with crossing each level. So, if you happen to be dreaming about becoming the super powerful meta humans, this game will give you the pleasure of defeating your enemy. For paid customer, they are at disposal of unlimited interesting characters. 

The above listed games are highly rated games on internet. However, there are plenty of games which you can choose from online database.

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